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The Baton Rouge Safe Sleeping Task Force (under the East Baton Rouge Coroner)  provides portable cribs to families that have an infant sleeping in an environment that could lead to a sleep related death due to accidental suffocation, asphyxia, or strangulation

The BRidge Agency provides resources and services to disinvested communities. The organization’s goal is to empower families affected by crime through economic and community development.

Save our Sons seeks to educate and empower the community by bringing awareness to the trauma community violence inflicts on families.

Crime Stoppers is the voice of concerned citizens that wish to report crime information Anonymously. 

The Butterfly Society is dedicated to empowering communities to stand up and speak out against domestic violence. The organization offers services, resources, and networking opportunities.

The IRIS Domestic Violence Center’s mission is to empower survivors, prevent relationship violence, and promote justice for victims of domestic and dating violence, their children, and our communities.

C.H.A.N.G.E. was established by families and community members who have lost their loved ones, or who have been impacted by violence, in Baton Rouge. C.H.A.N.G.E. develops solutions to address the barriers and needs of the community that contribute to the violence. 

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